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22 years old massive Liverpudlian from Indonesia. Finally I'm graduating!!! It's professional world now. I'm a Brand Identity Designer, Painter, and Artist. But this is my football side blog and some other interests. Oh and my dislike to Jordan Henderson is famous!

My Favourite TV shows : Game of Thrones, Hannibal, The Killing, Under the Dome, The Bridge, Continuum, The Walking Dead, Mythbusters, Top Gear, Masterchef, CSI all series, Falling Skies, NCIS, Chuck, Supernatural, 90210, The Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, Wipe Out, Monday Night Verdict

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Posts tagged "Chris Tucker"

"I’m sick of u, Kenji!"

"U’ve been trying to kill us ever since the start of this damn movie!"

Jackie, “U’re not my brother!!!”

Chris,  “I’m not ur brother??… After all we’ve been through… Rush Hour 1, Rush Hour 2???”

*Both giggle…

Chris Tucker talking about his friendship with Michael Jackson on Lopez Tonight

CT: “Michael was just so nice. When u around him you’d be happy. He would give u anything if u like something. Like I was complementing a flat screen TV and he gave it to me. And I was like “Michael… I don’t want the TV.” But then the black came out of me and I started to like everything after that.”

I said “Michael I like that Rolls-Royce, that’s a bad Rolls-Royce. Not the old one, the new Rolls-Royce right there.”

He was like “u like it, Chris?”

I said “yeah, I like it!”

He said “u sure u like it?”

I said “yeah, I like it!!”

And he said “Well u better buy one cuz I ain’t giving u no more.” “I gave u a TV… Damn!!”

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